Sunday, 13 July 2014

Pay It Forward

I am a big believer in pay it forward. Also 'do unto others' and other such sayings that turn a good deed into a kind of karmic ponzi scheme. Back in January I joined a 'Pay It Forward' meme on Facebook and have since been very aware that I owed two gifts. I thought deeply about this and decided to go with EPP metal frame purses. I carefully chose fabric. I hand stitched. I joined with blanket stitch using cotton embroidery thread. I lined. I inserted into frame. I threw away because it hadn't worked and they were ghastly.
Awful EPP pouches
Awful EPP pouches
Well, you know. We live and learn. That's another one I'm fond of. Also "The heart is a muscle..." speech by Bill Murray from Charlie's Angels - the one that came out in 2000. Plus 'Many a mickle makes a muckle'. And of course Terry Pratchett's "We've all passed a lot of water since then" when reflecting on the past. So I made these simpler DPN zippered cases using traditional japanese fabrics and a fabric covered button using something matching.
Pay It Forward Pouches

Post No Bills

All my Angels.  The heart is a muscle.  In body building, we exercise the muscle, and it grows bigger and stronger.  It's the same with the heart.

I must have the heart of a rhino.

You do.  And you be proud of it.  Mes Anges, these little hurts will heal.  And at crunch time, your hearts will be so buff, you'll be able to clean and jerk his love, three sets, ten reps each.

Thanks, Bos.

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Penny said...

I really like those dpn cases! I think they might even be doable for me!

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