Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Saying "Au Revoir" to the Cats

I know I kid myself that these cats realise I come to see them regularly, but I felt I had to say farewell, since I am going to be away for a month. I'm not sure how many of them noticed though - it was sleep central.
Sleeping Cats Montage
Of course Bruiser had also been asleep but woke up with menaces to make it clear he hated everything, especially me, whether awake or not.
Sleeping Cat (Bruiser)
Fortunately the young ginger cat was in a playful mood so armed with a rattling mouse we grouped around the shoe box.
My creation
The noise brought some unwanted attention from some of the bigger males. Young Ginger was forced to defend his box.
Defending the box
Defending the box
Defending the Box
Having dealt with them things almost came a cropper when he was taken off guard by a surprise side-attack by the mouse.
Scaredy cat
I did think he was going to make a run for it but then he tackled the situation as only a cat could.
Biting the Box
Then his Mum came along and, to his clear irritation, started cleaning his face for him. Mums, eh?

Speaking of which, I am looking forward to a week with my Mum's cat, but Artemis spends all day in the fields killing real mice and leaving their innards on the doorstep before coming back and dropping out for the count for the next 8 hours in front of the aga. I can't blame her for this but she has never been one for playing so I will just have to try and catch her 'awake' long enough for some purry stroking at some point. Plus she has an amazingly small head - never noticed that until I started hanging out with so many other cats.

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