Friday, 18 July 2014


I really do like yarns with long colour changes. I particularly like using two of them at once to contrast the colour changes against each other.
colour changing yarn stripes
I am currently knitting a wrap cardigan for my niece for the winter - getting started early - and am striping two colourways of Drops Delight.
colour changing yarn stripes
I have in the past done this sort of thing with Kauni, although then it was using just one colourway but starting at two different points of the colour progression.
Kauni Cardigan
Awww, I loved those jeans... thinner days. Anyway, I've also used Noro for this kind of thing.
Blue Stripey Hat

What I do not love is when lazy yarn manufacturers have knots in the midst of a ball and join the ends together without any attempt to keep the subtle colour change going.
colour changing yarn stripes
As a customer I pay for something in order to use it. You don't buy a dress and then expect to have to correct it when you wear it for the first time. Drops Delight has proved not so delightful, as did Noro, and it is deeply disappointing. So despite loving the colours I will not be buying any more of this once this project is done.

By the way, Noro is the same price here as it is in the UK. I find that really odd. Not that I use it anymore.

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