Saturday, 2 August 2014

Back in the UK

I am at my Mum's house for the next week before spending the following two and a half with my sister, followed by a few days in London before heading back to Tokyo. My Mum's house seems more like a Country Life editorial each time I visit.
Mum's House
Tools Against Tree
Blue China Window
Green Beans
Blue China on Dresser
Spot the cat in that last one? As a proud Nana I had printed her some new photos so added them to her brag board.
Jasmine Noticeboard
Still three of me on there so I'm not feeling jealous. Yet.


barbara woods said...

beautiful place

jan said...

Boy I feel right at home! Tell your mum hello. Feed those chickens! xo jan

Anonymous said...

Lovely place, though, that green bean looks as if it has been blessed by the ancient Egyptian god Min.

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