Sunday, 3 August 2014

July Makes

A pretty productive month - aided by it being uncomfortably hot and humid outside.
July Makes
Starting top left...

  1. Woven coasters - these have been much in use. 
  2. Pay It Forward gifts
  3. Abortively awful EPP snap frame purses, now dead to me. 
  4. Tomato - least said the better. Spider mites. 
  5. Bobble hat for Jasmine
  6. Bow cardigan for Jasmine in the same yarn as the hat, despite the picture making it look so different. 
  7. July block for the I Love Lucy Swap
  8. Sew Together Bag for Freddie
  9. Mum's embroidery wallet
  10. Curtain skirt
  11. Washi paper and uv resin cats
  12. Patchwork shoes
  13. Sew Together bag for Stacey
  14. Home Sweet Home cross stitch for Nic
  15. Patchwork house blocks for a swap
  16. Striped cardigan for Jasmine
My WIP list from last month was:
  • Quilt for Nickerjac - fabric bought and design decided. Just pre-washing it all at the moment before starting to cut. (Now cut and started sewing)
  • Two more 'sew beautiful' bags being made as presents. (Done)
  • Applecore patchwork part done for a manicure bag I'm making myself. (Still going)
  • Mum's EPP quilt which I've not worked on all month. (Didn't work on it this month either)
  • Jasmine's winter cardigan - all knitted bar half a sleeve and a bow. (Done plus a hat and another cardi)
To add to those I've got:
  • The shawl I was knitting for Mum's 69th birthday. She turned 70 in March. 
  • One more cardi for Jasmine with petals on it. 
  • Cross stitch book cover for me, half done. 
So, busy busy. 

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