Thursday, 7 August 2014

Minehead, Just Minehead

I had a little promenade around the nearest town to my Mum today. It's never been quite the same for me since the fudge shop closed down, but it does still have steam trains.
Minehead Steam Railway Engine Minehead Steam Railway Engine
And the arcades.
Arcade Horse Ride
And tonnes of plastic beach stuff, such as we used to have all over my hometown when I was growing up.
Buckets and Spades
Not to mention the beach itself.
Minehead Beach Minehead Beach Minehead Beach

I thought about getting some bits for my ickle niece, who I will be holidaying with next week by a beach, but then who knows what the well-dressed 15 month old is accessorising with this summer?
Buckets and Spades

Then I saw a man sharing his ice cream cone with his dog.

Alternate licks.


Minehead Steam Railway

It all seemed downhill after that so I went home.

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PixieMum said...

Oh thank you for reviving lovely memories, for from my early teens our family spent our holidays at Dunster Beach. I have gone back as an an adult and if I had over £200,000 I could buy a chalet.

We would walk into Minehead across the golf course, before Butlins and the spread of the town eastwards and shop in Floyds the department store. A special treat were knickerbocker glories in the first floor café opposite.

The first year I was working I joined the family later, I travelled from Paddington by train, changing at Taunton and embarking at Dunster Station when it was still part of British Rail. Since the line became a heritage railway we have travelled the length, what a shame it doesn't go,to Taunton still.

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