Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Little Niece

I last saw my niece in the flesh back in April when she was only just starting to crawl, and mainly going backwards.
Jasmine 10 months
Now she is on the verge of walking and the crawl is so high speed it is hilarious to watch.
Jasmine August 2014
She and my sister came over to my Mum's for the weekend and Mum has stone floors downstairs. Jasmine's little hands went 'slap slap slap' as she sped off across the floor, which I am sure is just what noise a running penguin would make were we to have one handy. She has added some new faces to her repertoire, of which I captured this one.
Jasmine August 2014
I also got her looking like a young Wonderwoman, with some help from me.
Jasmine August 2014
I got some great shots of her and my sister playing together too.
Jasmine August 2014
It was lovely to see them, and I'll be moving over to their house for a couple of weeks in just a few days. We have a few nights near St Austell booked so if it stops raining we are looking forward to paddling and making sand castles!

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