Thursday, 4 September 2014

August Makes

First of all, thanks for your kind comments on my last post. I've edited it to give the rest of the saga so you can find it here if you're interested.

I was crafting on the go in August since I spent the whole of it in England.
August makes
From top left,

  1. A brown cowl for my sister. I used Drops Merino Extra Fine and really liked it. It is DK and was less than £4 for 50g so not bad. 
  2. A cardigan for Jasmine, followed by...
  3. A beanie hat for Jasmine. She looked so cute in it!
  4. Smocked peg bag for Mum
  5. Cross stitch for a book cover.
  6. Dress for Mum
Only one thing for myself on there - which this morning I turned into this:
cross stitch book cover
I really love it although if I do another I'll make the flaps that the covers go into extend further. 
cross stitch book cover inside
On this one they only go about half way so I have a feeling they'll often fall off with this notebook. It has frosted plastic covers and you can see the lining through it so I used some tape measure fabric I just got hold of. So pretty!

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