Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Multi Crafting

I have had a busy few days. Saturday was my first paid teaching gig - four ladies learning Sashiko (traditional japanese embroidery).
first sashiko workshop
The next workshop is on Saturday when I will be teaching people how to knit. Then I got to grips with Noriko's quilt and washed, ironed, cut, sewed, ironed, cut, sewed and ironed until there were 48 of these.
noriko's quilt blocks
So pale and delicate looking. While out shopping I came across some mini roses being sold and couldn't resist the matching paleness.
pink mini roses
Then I moved on to a present for my niece. Do you know the song "Three Little Men in a Flying Saucer"? I didn't before she learnt it.
Three little men in a flying saucer
Went to the moon one day
They looked left and right
But they didn't like the sight
So one man flew away
Two little men ...etc
She loves it so I thought I'd make a play version.
3 little men in a flying saucer takes shape
Feeling like a cheater, I have glued rather than sewn, although it does await some batting so I can make the whole thing into a kind of briefcase, folding in the middle and fastening with a magnet at the top. The pleather handles will mean she can carry it about. The little men fit in the zip up pocket to stop them getting lost. And then finally I am knitting on seemingly chunky #9 needles.
knitted raglan jumper in progress
A striped raglan for my ickle brother, who is about a foot taller than me. I was intending to knit him a jumper for his last birthday so I'm only a year behind. I'm hoping to have this done in time for this year's in November.


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Rachel A said...

Following your amazing pins on Pinterest, I bought a sashiko kit at Ally Pally (boot that I'm easily influenced or anything!). Will report back with how I get on!

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