Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Three Little Men in a Flying Saucer

It's finished!
Three Little Men for Jasmine
I started this project back at the beginning of the month and finished it yesterday. I am very happy with it for now but we'll have to see how it stands up to play, or if she actually plays with it at all. My sister was saying on our last Skype how she was looking for toys to spark Jasmine's imagination so hopefully this will help with that. I've added little pleather handles so she can carry it around.
Three Little Men for Jasmine
It looks like a gnome's briefcase.
Three Little Men for Jasmine
Inside there is a zip on the flying saucer for the three little men to sit in.
Three Little Men for Jasmine
I was thinking of Ghostbusters when I cut out their hair, hence the one on the right modelling an "Igon Spendler" do.
Three Little Men for Jasmine
The numbers were iron on ones I got locally. The stars were from a length of wired ribbon type stuff, detached and dewired. Everything else I just made up.

I have been collecting "quiet book" page ideas on Pinterest (this Board) and if she likes this I'll definitely be making more.

Three little men in a flying saucer
Flew round the moon one day
They looked left and right
But they didn’t like the sight
So one man flew away

Two little men in a flying saucer...


Createology said...

This is very cute and with a child's imagination will be wonderful for play time. Creative Saucer Bliss...

cucki said...

so sweet x

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