Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Weekend in Hakone with A Finished Quilt

Pooch and I just had a lovely weekend in Hakone with our friends Noriko and Nari. They own a flat there and although Pooh and I were in the area last December we jumped at a chance to spend a weekend in such a lovely location with such lovely people. It was the perfect time of year to visit.
View of Hakone Fields
See the tiny island out at sea?
View in Hakone
View of Hakone River
The yellow is mainly Ginko trees while the red is Japanese Maple. Beautiful! We also got a peek at Fuji-san (Mount Juji).
View of Hakone Lake
See him? Hiding behind the clouds. Let me do a little artistic rendering...
Kind of Mount Fuji
You could see his edges occasionally as the misty clouds moved across him. On the way there we stopped off at Odawara Castle.
Odawara Castle
That's Pooch there in yellow, blending. It's only a little one but it's the only Japanese Castle I've seen so I was quite excited. There was a Chrysanthemum Festival going on, as you do. Pretty amazing creations.
chrysanthemum competition
chrysanthemum competition
chrysanthemum competition winners
Crazy looking things!

While there I gave Noriko the quilt I had been making her and Nari. Pooch kindly modelled it before we left.
Front - Noriko and Nari's Quilt
Back - Noriko and Nari's Quilt
It is a very simple one and I hand quilted it a little bit about a cm outside the edge of the central white square in each block.

As well as seeing them both AND being in such beautiful surroundings AND being fed to the gills with amazing food by Noriko (who was simultaneously giving Pooch cooking and sashimi cutting lessons) was the Lalique Museum. I frickin love Lalique. I did a project on his jewellery at Art College and it's been love ever since. Sadly it was no photos in the Museum itself but the outside was pretty nice.
Lalique Museum Path
Lalique Museum Door
Detail of Lalique Museum Door
The collection included a number of items I had drooled over in books for the last 15+ years so it was thrilling to be seeing them for real. The man was a genius. 

It was a perfect weekend!

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