Saturday, 8 November 2014

Yokohama Quilt Festival - Part 2

Yesterday's post got us through the majority of the full size quilts (although a few more to come) and left me at the start of the the "Small Quilt" section. I checked (yep, got out my tape measure and measured one hanging there) and these were all 50x50cm. No attribution with these ones I'm afraid as the smaller labels were all in Japanese.
One wall of small quilts
There were probably about 150 all together so prepare for some highlights...
Small quilt - wholecloth quilting
Small quilt - pieced
Small quilt -  tea cups
Small quilt - brown blocks
Small quilt - Quilt Times
Small quilt - Snail
This one won a prize. Can you believe the detail?
Small quilt - Prize winning tiny details
As did this one:
Small quilt - Prize winning wholecloth
Small quilt - cats
Then there were the silver and gold rosette winners - the top two in the whole section.
Silver medal winner - seagulls small quilt
Detail from "Silver medal winner - seagulls small quilt"
Gold medal winning small quilt - flower head
Detail from "Gold medal winning small quilt - flower head"
And of course, where you have "small" quilts, a "miniature" category cannot be far behind. I got out that measuring tape again - 20x20cm. The theme was 'stars'. I'll just show a few - there are a lot more in the Flickr set.
Mini Quilt Display Wall
Cat Star Mini Quilt
Anime Star Mini Quilt
Train Crash Star Mini Quilt
Skyline Star Mini Quilt
This took me through to "The Tale of Genji in Quilts". I have since found this on Wikipedia and so this makes a bit more sense, but the key thing to remember is that everything here was very beautiful.
Decorated traditional fans with quilts above them
Blue Flower Small Quilt
The tale of Genji in quilts - section
Next was the "Seoul International Quilt Festival" section. Seoul, as you know, is the capital of South Korea AND where I am heading off to in just three weeks. This first quilt was mental and amazing in equal parts,
Quilt by Lee Mi Kyoung
Detail from Quilt by Lee Mi Kyoung
The Voyage and the Typhoon quilt by Lee Geum Ja
Then we come to my favourite section of the whole show. I didn't catch which group had made these quilts but they had all used the same fabrics. I met two of the women and saw the quilts they made and despite the language barrier was able to fully convey my awe and admiration. A number of these are hand stitched!
Log Cabin Mandala Quilt
The one below was my favourite. I shook my head, tutted, gasped, took multiple photos - all the time not realising its creator was standing behind me giggling about my reaction with her friend. 
Colour burst quilt
Detail from Colour burst quilt
Bargello Ribbon Quilt
Plume Quilt
What awesome ladies. They were so modest and humbly proud and excited to be exhibiting. Brilliant.

This last group were done by "volunteers" according to the labels but I am not sure what that really means in this context. I did particularly admire this Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses quilt though, given that I am currently in a Bee for this exact quilt!
Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses Quilt
Or how about an applecore EPP - handstitched and hand quilted?
Applecore EPP quilt
Snowy Branches Quilt
Square Block Quilt by Reiko Arita
Hexagon Quilt by Toshiko Sudou

There are so many more quilt photos in the Flickr set! And detail shots of almost all the full size ones (and some of the small ones) I took photos of. All that remains to share is the shopping and what came home with me. On to part 3!


jan said...

Oh MY Alex! All of these are just gorgeous! I have been wanting to see a photo of the LB POTC ! I saw it on pinterest. Was the lacy looking border appliqued to the outer border? Thanks for sharing! xo jan

Kathy said...

Absolutely breathtaking!

Farm Quilter said...

Thanks for sharing pictures from a quilt show I will probably never get to!! These quilts are amazing!!!

Alejandra Balanzario said...

Thanks for sharing, all photos are great, great work each one of them

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