Sunday, 9 November 2014

Yokohama Quilt Festival - Part 3

The final part of this write up is all about the shopping. I had arrived shortly after the show opened but it was lunchtime by the time I got to the shopping area. It was filling up and there was a lot to see.
Shopping Area
The big names were there - the sewing machine companies and of course Clover.
Clover Stand
And Olympus, who aren't a name we know in the UK but I'm not sure about the US. In Japan they sell a lot of kits for things featured in magazines.
Olympus Kits Stand
Olympus Cat ad Dog Kits
A big thing on a number of stands was "make your own zip".
Make Your Own Zip Parts
You buy each side of the zip, the pull, the bit of metal that marks the end etc and put it together yourself. I dunno. I guess it was the new product for the year. For me, I was coo-ing over the purse frames.
Plastic Purse Frames
The Hawaiian quilt side of things was well catered for.
Hawaiian Quilt Stand
I realise I didn't post any photos of these, like this one for instance...
...but they are a big thing here. There is a large Japanese population in Hawaii (and not a lot of people know that) for historical reasons and so Hawaiian quilting is a big thing here. As well as Olympus there were a lot of people selling kits. Some of these stands were mobbed...
Packed Bag Stall
...while others were relatively empty. Just like the waffle and french toast cafes in Omotesanda. One minute you've got teenagers queuing around the block in the pouring rain for a bite of chocolate pizza, next day you've got spiderwebs across the doorway. On another stand I absolutely fell for these house pincushions.
House Pincushions
And almost for the cat ones too.
Cat, Rabbit and Frog Pincushions

So what did I bring home out of this medley? I was amazingly restrained. On the fabric side I did get a few bits and bobs.
Some traditional woven cottons and a free Vilene sample someone gave me.
Traditional Fabrics
On the left is a pack of woven, textured cotton from one of the Southern Islands of Japan (I think a lot of people think of Japan as just being one island but it's actually quite a few, some not even that close to the main bit that Tokyo is on). On the right is a pack of woven and indigo remnants. I was deliberately on the lookout for 'japanese blues'.
Indigo Fabric
Then I did buy one of those bright plastic purse frames. I also got a bag pattern from Olympus (just the pattern - not a kit) and a few attempts to save my sore fingertips when I am hand sewing.
Lastly, two small kits - one for house pincushion A in the photo earlier in this post, and another for an apple pouch I've had pinned on Pinterest since before coming to Japan was a twinkle in Pooch's eye.
House and Apple Kit
Finally it will be mine!

Overall this was an amazing quilt show. I went on the opening day and got there for just after opening time and was able to see all the quilts without having to use elbows or my usual peer-over-their-heads technique (handy to be 5'7" when your average japanese lady is 5'2") - most of my photos are person-free. This contrasts completely with my experience of the Tokyo quilt show (genuine photo from when I was there in January).
The People
That was swamped - this was much nicer and it felt like it was the same exhibition size, although with more shopping options. I am such a lucky bunny to have had the chance to experience both!

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Kathy said...

Although interesting, I don't think I'd like to assemble my own zipper! However, I would probably buy one, ready made, that was multicolored. That would be cool!

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