Thursday, 11 December 2014

Farewell to Shinjuku Gyoen Garden

I first saw this garden on 1st December last year. This year I was 10 days later and initially I thought I'd missed all the beautiful autumn foliage.
Bare Trees in Shinjuku Gyoen Garden
Not that bare trees don't have their own kind of beauty, but I wasn't in the mood for a Tim Burton kind of stroll.
Bare Tree in Shinjuku Gyoen Garden
I consoled myself that there were still the lakes to look at and headed off for the 'Japanese Garden' (which does make sense in a Japanese park because some of it was formal french - whatever that is - and so on). It turns out they'd kept a little bit of the autumn colours for me.
Shinjuku Gyoen Garden
Shinjuku Gyoen Garden
Shinjuku Gyoen Garden
View of the Chinese Pavillion
Red Japanese Maple Leaves
There is also a huge greenhouse on site. It's so humid inside there are lots of signs about dripping condensation falling on you.
Palms inside the Greenhouse
Pond inside the Greenhouse
They had a special display of orchids.
Shinjuku Gyoen Garden
Shinjuku Gyoen Garden
These unfailingly remind me of the singing flower scene in the proper Alice in Wonderland film. I adore that film and that scene in particular.
Shinjuku Gyoen Garden
Definitely a bossy woman in a bonnet telling someone off (probably me)!

The gardens in Japan have been such an amazing resource and I wish I'd got into exploring them earlier last Spring. I told myself in the summer that I'd be able to go back to them in 2015 but that was when we thought we'd be here til May so now I won't have that chance. Here we are just a week from leaving and there is still a fair bit to get done. But then we may come back here to live one day. Pooch loves it here and if it weren't for the language barrier I would too. I just need to start learning it now, then I'll be ready in about ten years or so!


jan said...

Thank you Alex for sharing all these beautiful photos. xo jan

Vanessa Barilli said...

Dear, I have a Brazilian blog about japanese culture named 'cinesakura' and i've linked your post to one of my articles about Shinjuku Gyoen National Park, on which i recomend readers to see your park pictures. I hope you don't mind. This is the link to my blog article: Sorry about my poor english! Regards! Vanessa Barilli.

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