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Names of Traditional Japanese Clothes

I was looking this up so I knew what type of jacket pattern to look for when I thought I might want to refer to it later. Hence this blogpost. So really this is really more of a notebook page for me than something I strongly wanted to share. Links are to wikipedia pages which often have pictures on.

Fundoshi - old school men's pants. The man puts the 'fun' in 'fundoshi'. Essentially a loin cloth. Probably not going to need a pattern for this. Ever.
Furisode - unmarried woman's kimono. Easily identified by bright colours and very long sleeves which reach the ground.
Hakama - culottes with lots of material. Mainly worn by men but sometimes for women when playing sport or when graduating. The two activities have a lot in common.
Hanten - short winter coat with a black sateen collar. Is sateen very different to satin? Oh, it uses a satin weave but cotton instead of silk. Checks out.
Happi - straight sleeved coat, now usually worn at festivals. I don't want to look l…

My Own Journey Through the Floating World

Looking for the bloghop and giveaway? Click here.
There is a very special exhibition on in Tokyo at the moment called "Ukiyo-e: A Journey Through the Floating World". It covers the Edo period in japanese art (pronounced ed-oh and not ee-dough like I keep saying) which went from roughly the 17th to the start of the 20th Century and was formed from, initially, hand coloured woodblock prints before later incorporating more modern printing methods. Probably the most famous of this style is one I am sure you are already familiar with.
This is "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" and despite the number of times I have seen this image, I don't think I ever noticed Mount Fuji there in the middle, behind the second boat. What I didn't know until today is that this is from a series by Katsushika Hokusai called "36 Views of Mount Fuji" and that each of the views is an equivalent masterpiece. You can see them all on Wikipedia here. …

She Who Sews Blog Hop and Competition

Thanks to Carla and Mdm Samm for hosting this bloghop! We were challenged to use a particular range of fabric, which you can see here, and make whatever we chose with it. I got hold of one of the panel pieces and a half metre of the print you can see below with it.
Choosing what to make caused me a real problem! The fabrics were not speaking to me at all and I was quite put off by the large size of the panel units - I'm much more used to EPP shapes rather than big panels. After weeks of thought and much mulling over my Pinterest Boards I decided to see how a modern spool looked (tutorial link here).
I was on to something! Much cursing and digging through scraps later and I came up with this rather wonky cushion cover. The spool on the far left uses scraps from the Nancy Drew hop last year!
My spools were each a tad too big but the business of the prints hides it unless you look very closely. Maybe!
I chose the ladies with dark hair (like me) and one with a knitting quote, since th…

Unexpectedly Chocolatey

I love it when you're out and about and you come across a luxury chocolate festival. This one happened to be on the 11th floor of a department store next to one mother of a craft shop, but more of that another time. I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves...and these represent just a selection of what was on offer:
Mmmm, chocolate planets... And what did I come home with?
Zip, zilch, nada, nix etc.

Man, I'm getting old. 

In January...

In an effort to be more conscious of what I am making and both the quality and quantity of it, I am going to try this monthly review. Here, then, is some of what I made in January.
It also serves to remind me that there are lots of things I have part made or even finished that I haven't included or photographed. What we have here is (left to right, starting at the top):

March's block for the I Love Lucy Bee (in the sidebar). I've also started Feb's and made another 4-5 of my own red and white ones. Immense bag for the sewing room swap. 100% not my taste but fits the recipient's inspiration mosaic.WIP - EPP Pouch swap. This is the unpicked version of square 7, which was a finished object except it was fugly!Finished second EPP pouch, also for the swap. I think this is very cute although again, not really my taste. Amazingly busy Tokyo Quilt Show. I've started a design for an EPP quilt inspired by what I saw there. She Who Sews hop cushion cover. My day is coming …

Neko Font

I am utterly destroyed by the end of The Bridge. I console myself with Neko Font.