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Showing posts from February 9, 2014

As Many Crafts As There Are Stars In The Sky

We have had more snow in Tokyo so it has been a good time for more crafting. Before it struck I made a second visit to Asakusabashi, where I went on a craft tour a few weeks ago. I had done some more research and found this website by a woman who writes crime mysteries based in Japan. She has some great tips on where to go in Tokyo. I had just been intending to get a ring and bracelet finding from one of the bead shops and then check out the washi paper shop to make sure it was worth bringing Mumsy here when they visit next month. It's so hard, though, to go to a bead shop with 4 large floors and only buy findings from the ground floor. Especially when they have examples on display. I basically had no chance.
Especially when the tutorial sheet was 50 yen (about 30p). Isn't it purty?
I've never used glass gems in settings before. It was very fiddly but once you get the first spoke down it gets easier. I think the materials cost about £5 all in. I will definitely be making a…

How Not To Make a Fabric Bowl and Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to PK Sews who has won the remaining ladies from the She Who Sews bloghop! I have emailed you to ask for your address. 
In my last post I showed how not to make a fabric bowl. I am really not good at using bias binding. Despite copious evidence to the contrary I continue to believe I can sew it on both sides at once. Tsk tsk.  The photo from my last post is on the right and shows a horrible travesty of stitching where the binding slipped and didn't cover the stitching. On the left shows what happens when you decide to change the stitch you're using. Bodge, bodge bodge. I was notionally using this tutorial so I went back and read it again before again bodging it. Here is what happened. 
I assembled my materials. In this case an epp patchwork piece and a wrapping cloth for the year of the horse we were given when leaving a restaurant last month. It is cotton and I didn't need to wrap anything so I thought I'd repurpose it.  Using the friendly dinner plate…

Not Good Enough For A Swap But Good Enough For Me?

Mere weeks ago I was reflecting on how I put so much effort into things for swaps but not the corresponding amount into things for myself. Whizz forward to today and I added the bias binding to a fabric bowl intended for the sewing room swap. Bias binding and I are not exactly well known for our accords.
FFS. Looks awful. I immediately thought "it's no good for the swap but I can use it as a thread catcher since I needed one anyway". Which, yes, that is better than throwing it away because from a practical point of view it's fine, but (with a stamp of my little foot) I want nice things too!
This is what I think I deserve to make myself nice ones of:
1. Thread catcher
2. Shoulder bag
3. At least one fabric basket for the coffee table (since at the moment stuff is sprawled all over it)
4. Tool basket/tray for sewing machine area (because ditto)
5. Pincushion ring/bracelet (because I keep sticking them in the sofa and then sitting on them)

Meanwhile I have the stuff for…