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A Little Finish Before I Leave

I am taking part in the House of Pinheiro's name tag swap. Given that I am going back to the UK tomorrow (crumbs) I thought I had better get this done before I went.
I really enjoyed the little bit of applique and the piecing of the precious selvages. I traced her logo from her blog onto shrink plastic to make the little plaque and then added a pocket on the back using some of the linen samples I've been collecting from Okadaya. I thought it might be handy for business cards. I made the lanyard from ribbon - easily changed if she doesn't like it or if it gets grubby. I hope she likes it!

Apart from that I have packed up my hundreds of blue EPP hexagons and diamonds so I can start sewing those together while I am away. I also have some bright yellow socks to knit and an embroidery to make for the Superpower Bloghop I'll be taking part in later in the month. Next post - from the UK!

Yanaka - The Only Place I Know That Combines Train Spotting, Shrines, Cats, Sculpture, Master Craftsmen and Sewing in Pleasing Proportions

It seems very odd that I have been a regular visitor to Nippori's fabric district (using the East exit of the station) without ever wondering what I would find if I used the West exit. It turns out the answer is Yanaka! A small area of West Tokyo between Nippori and Ueno. The first things you come to when you visit are two Temples. The first is Hongyoji which has been there since 1709.
The sticks on the graves in that last photo are called Sotoba and are essentially a kind of memorial stick showing that the ancestor is still being honoured and remembered by the family. The temple will add a new one each year on payment of a small something.

Next up is Kyoouji.
There were two buildings within it. I wish I knew more about what they are, but the one below had amazing carvings on it, including the dragon.
While this one had the ritual hand washing place just to the left.
The long, colourful rope at the front is for bonging the gong.

A little further along and you get to some steps, at…