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Books 2014, #1 - #20

Light interlude - I was catching up on Knitting on the Green's latest reviews when I realised I hadn't done this for a while. I haven't been reading that much so far this year as I no longer have a commute and there has been so much else to take in. I have waded through more than 40 Japanese craft books from the Library (I take a photo of the cover so I know if I have mined this one already or not because the old memory isn't what it was) as well but that is more looking and learning than reading. Or are the two the same?! Where I have done well is audiobooks. I've clumped these all together at the end. I listen to them while sewing which explains how I've got through so many.

Pictures are amazon affiliate links but are only there to look pretty. No need to click on them unless you really want to buy the book. I've also put books by the same author together even though I read them at different times so the list is not in order.

#1 Death on the Lizard

#2 Death…

Snippet from London

My visit to the UK has not gone entirely as planned, completely down to the awful behaviour of my soon-to-be-but-not-soon-enough-ex-brother-in-law. I did spend a week supporting my sister and niece who have been horribly treated by him and I did then go to my Mum's and spend a few days there. That included *a lot* of cat stroking and the realisation that my Mum's cat has a really small head, which was odd. I also saw my cousin there and that was all lovely despite my Mum having broken her ankle.
(This isn't her - I just thought it was funny - although not for the woman obviously. I hope she made a full recovery and that the cat continues to be well rested.)
I met Pooch back at my sister's on Thursday and we headed to London on Friday where I saw a friend for lunch and all my old work colleagues in the evening for a proper old school pub session. Saturday started well with Pooch bringing me breakfast in bed and a lunch with Nickerjac and her husband as well as the irre…