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Latest Cat Interlude

I had an unfortunate experience at my usual Cat Cafe on Monday. I don't want to discuss it. However, having had my belief in there being no such thing as a 'bad cat' severely shaken I decided to give that bunch a break and go back to Ebisu. My first visit was back in March and it was a bit busy. This time it was just me for most of my hour and proved a very pleasant interlude.
These two (below) were curled up together last time.
I thought the original one would object when the other tried to get in too but no, they were very happy together and it was so sweet when they were cleaning each other. They both had such long fur that sometimes they were cleaning themselves instead.
Beautiful blue eyes.

This little one was all playful and rolling around.
This one kept nudging the bowl until the water slopped over and then happily drank it from the floor.
This one still fascinated me with his/her amazing fur.
I was able to stroke her this time and could see the fur next to her body…

My Love Hate Relationship with Shrink Plastic

When I was young we did not have shrink plastic. We did have Blue Peter telling us that crisp packets got small in the oven and could be used as keyrings, but that was as far as it went. I only remember noticing shrink plastic in my teens and didn't have any use for it at the time. In my twenties I saw the occasional craft project using charms made from shrink plastic and I felt my time had come. That was when I learnt to love the shrink plastic, while it began its committed hatred of me.
I could have been a contender! But the more I desired the effects of shrink plastic, the less it happened. I invested in printable stuff and it burnt (BURNT) without shrinking one iota. I got on OK with the stuff you draw on but it just wasn't what I wanted. I retired from the field and slunk away into the darkness to allow my broken heart time to heal.

Then came yesterday.

I was meandering around a Mano Creare which is a chain owned by the Okadaya group (my favourite craft shop is one of the…

Visiting the Jindai Botanical Garden and Jindaiji Temple

Japan is the least ethnically diverse place I've ever visited, but at the same time it is still quite unusual not to see a few other gaijin about on my travels. But this morning I saw not a single one from 9am to 2.30pm. The reason for that is that I was at an attraction that is just far enough from the city centre to deter the tourists despite how beautiful it is.
Although it was actually really hot and humid as well. That could have been a factor. Again, I was too late for the azaleas but just right for the roses. Having taken pictures of so many last week I took it easy this time.
But then there were also Peonies. I am very fond of Peonies.
And Rhododendrons...
And of course there were the forested areas, including this beautiful stream.
The sound of the water over these rocks was so idyllic.
I stayed there for ages listening to them and watching the water. There were some big koi pootling about there too. There were other areas planted with different varieties of maple tree wh…