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Teacher Byrne

I had a meeting this week with the woman who organised the Yukata Classes. I had offered to teach classes on various sewing, knitting or crochet topics plus said we could use my flat for the lessons if it was on a weekday. Along she came to see my various creations and also check the flat was suitable.

I had laid out various projects on the dining table for her to see and she was immediately drawn to the metal frame purses.
She said traditional bags to go with Yukatas were often like this but larger with a handle - was it possible to make one of those?

Hmmm, hummmm, ummmm... I pondered. Oh hang on, I think I have some like that in the bedroom.
I had completely forgotten about these when I was selecting things to show her. Turns out this is exactly what she wanted. She particularly adored the patchwork one but I made it clear it would have to be a single fabric piece to get the workshop done in a day. So...I'll be teaching a metal frame handbag making workshop in July preceded by a…

Patchwork Progress

Unusually for me I bought a pattern - for the Sew Together Bag (pattern here on Craftsy). I had been admiring several on Flickr, including this one:
But rather than just using two fabrics I thought I'd mix it up a little bit. Here are my outer fabrics for the two bags I am making.
The unusually sophisticated orange and teal one is for me and the other for a friend about to go on a holiday. And of course I then needed zips.
I think zips are second on my list of favourite fastenings, second only to buttons.

The pattern has been consistently criticised for a lack of pictures so it irks me that it is still $12. Despite years of criticism the author has decided to do nothing about the feedback, but then when people are prepared to pay $12 for a single pattern why do you need to listen to them? Fortunately there is a sew along with multiple photos from earlier in the year. I hope to make progress on these over the weekend.

The blue and white EPP quilt for Mater progresses. Last time I c…

View Halloo

Before the pictures, a few statistics (taken from Wikipedia)...
To summarise, the centre of Tokyo is 38% larger than London with its outskirts stretching 62% further than London's. The population of Tokyo is also nearly 140% higher than London's. can start to see that they need a lot more buildings. With that in mind, behold the staggering urban density of Tokyo...
This was the view from the free viewing platform on the 42nd floor of the North Tower of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building on a rainy day when the edge of those suburbs was lost in cloud. As in London (and in New York and other cities) there are little oases of calm in the shape of parks and gardens.
This one is Yoyogi Park - one of the largest in Tokyo at 54 hectares.
And of course there is a South Tower you can go up as well. In fact you can see each viewing platform from the other.

The building itself is very impressive, although not the tallest in the area.
The inside is equally...impressive.

Hama-Rikyu Garden - History and Beauty Combined

This Garden was originally part of the estate of an Edo period Shogun who ruled in the 1650s. The main pool is tidal and is still fed by the seawater of the bay through two sluice gates. There used to be a villa here and it is where the Shogan would go if he wanted to show off his boats to visitors - in fact it is still used as a dock for one of the river boat services that run in Tokyo. The Emperor gifted the Garden to the city in the 1950s and the tea houses, destroyed during WW2, were very carefully rebuilt in the original style. The garden is now surrounded by high rise buildings (in particular the Conran Hotel) and has a stonking great dual carriageway along one side. Inside it is peaceful and idyllic though. It costs a whopping £2 to get in and I easily spent 2 hours there - I would have spent longer if I'd brought something to eat. Now, I'll just leave you with the photos.
Those last two are the front and side view of a 300 year old pine. It's height is only 11ft bu…