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A History of Pooch, the World Cup and Me

Pooch is a football fanatic. By day he supports Manchester United, but on special occasions he supports England. Pooch and I met in 2004 and by our first World Cup as a couple (2006) we were living together in relative harmony. I was blogging back then and graphed the amount of time the two of us spent together each day when not sleeping during that period.
In 2010 we were in Istanbul on holiday for much of it, and I had got used to Pooch's obsession, helped by the beauty of the city.
In 2014, after a divorce and getting remarried, we are in Tokyo so have missed any UK build up there might have been although I understand that had been quite low key. However, Pooch's passion is not diminished and his preparations have been single minded. This saw both of us in a seedy sports bar in Roppongi - an area of Tokyo kind of like Soho in the 80s - at 7am the day of the first England game. The key difference to previous occasions we had watched a match together was that in this bar a lo…

Finally Found What I'm Looking For

You would have thought that a city the size of Tokyo would have a patchwork shop. Fabric shops, of which there are many, are good but they aren't the same. They lack the precuts, the notions, the patterns, the knowledge. I spent a morning trying to track down one called Palette last week but to no avail. I widened my search and came across Quilt Party in Chiba.
Image from here on Wikipedia.
Tokyo is area 13 and Chiba is 12, so to get from central Tokyo to central Chiba you have to go all the way around the top of the bay, which takes about 70 minutes on public transport. My point being, this is not my local shop, but was definitely worth the trip! Sadly photos were a no no but look at my haul. First the 'american' fabrics - by which I mean ones I've seen available outside Japan.
Then we have modern japanese fabrics:
And finally the traditional japanese fabrics - these are the ones I specifically went for and that I have seen so much of in quilt magazines and books here…

A Spot of Making

The two Sew Together bags I blogged about last week are now finished.
The buttons disguise where my patchwork came out just a teeny bit short and didn't meet the binding.
Not that it takes much to prompt me to add a button to something. The velvet one is a present.
She's going on holiday at the weekend so I thought it might come in handy.
I'm not sure what to use mine for yet.
I deliberately used colours outside my usual palette but while I'm very happy with it, it is a little more butch than I'd usually go for. I think it's the black.

I also found a moment to spit out another frame bag so I could recheck the process for my workshop next month.
The organiser is thrilled and I am pretty happy with it.

Lastly, this is what I am most proud of this week:
I know Rachel is also sprouting and in fact is a week or so ahead of me. Things 'growing' is something that has always fascinated me. Babies to adults, crystals in jars, tomatoes - it is all as one in the p…

Hydrangea and Iris at Hondo-Ji Temple

This is somewhere I saw on Rurousha who gives me all my tips about which gardens to visit and when. It was truly beautiful. The moment when you come out of the first set of buildings (various shrines and memorials to former chief monks) and see the iris's is really something. A few photos.
This is the view from that moment...
It was a very lovely way to spend a morning.