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Happy Birthday To Me!

I was looking for a photo to add to this blogpost and came across this on Flickr.


Happy 36th birthday to meeeeeeeeee!

A Review of Cat Cafe Nanny and Neko Jelala, both near Akihabara

Today was a momentous day. Not only did I recover my Uniqlo shopping, which I'd left on a bus on Monday, from the Lost and Found Office, but I also visited two new cat cafes, bringing my grand total up to five!

These two places are just a few minutes walk apart in distance, but worlds apart in experience. Read on for copious pictures of cats.

Neko Jelala Cat Cafe

I admit I didn't take as many photos here as in the other one, but that was mostly because this place was pretty bleh. There were some lovely cats with their own personalities, but the place was just the one room and while the cats were all in excellent condition they didn't have as much room to roam about as I've seen in the other places I've been.

This guy is (I think) an Abyssinian, so had a kind of ruff around his/her neck.
She was asleep in the car bed when I arrived but I spotted her waking up and then my camera strap did the rest.
Beautiful green eyes! Then there were the sofa residents. The one on …

Blythe Dolls in Tokyo

Have you heard of these dolls? They tend to be a bit like marmite - for non-british readers that means you either love or hate them. Here are just a few photos of Flickr of some. Lots more here.
Meanwhile on Etsy you can imagine all the accessories and actual dolls you can buy. I just saw a doll on there for £850. People take these things really seriously.

Personally I am not bothered by them. I can admire the artistry without wanting to get involved. That doesn't mean I wasn't intrigued though when I saw giant ones in a shop window in central Tokyo.
They were there to advertise Bottega Veneta handbags so the only items of relevance to the advertising part of this were the bags the dolls are holding.
As a spectacle though, you'd have to agree it is very eye catching.
There were a lot of excited, young, japanese women taking photos.

The shop was the Isetan in Shinjuku (the equivalent of London's Selfridges), the same one I mentioned in my last window display post. Meanw…