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I really do like yarns with long colour changes. I particularly like using two of them at once to contrast the colour changes against each other.
I am currently knitting a wrap cardigan for my niece for the winter - getting started early - and am striping two colourways of Drops Delight.
I have in the past done this sort of thing with Kauni, although then it was using just one colourway but starting at two different points of the colour progression.
Awww, I loved those jeans... thinner days. Anyway, I've also used Noro for this kind of thing.

What I do not love is when lazy yarn manufacturers have knots in the midst of a ball and join the ends together without any attempt to keep the subtle colour change going.
As a customer I pay for something in order to use it. You don't buy a dress and then expect to have to correct it when you wear it for the first time. Drops Delight has proved not so delightful, as did Noro, and it is deeply disappointing. So despite loving the c…

Let's Talk About Sweat, Baby

I am going to broach a subject we do not discuss in polite UK society, but which has been on my mind constantly now for weeks - sweating.
The english way has always been that "Horses sweat, men perspire and ladies merely glow" (I say 'english' because I've known some right sweaty scottish men but I'm uninformed about the welsh and northern irish.) However, recently I have been not glowly, nor perspiring, but straight-forwardly running with sweat.

Those of you who read regularly will know that the Byrne is no athlete.
(Image from here.)

I therefore do not sweat because of exercise - but just because it is so freaking hot in Tokyo at the moment. For instance, I just cleaned the surfaces and hob in the tiny kitchen which took about 15 minutes. By the end of it I had to go and get a cloth to mop myself down with. My t-shirt was stuck to my back, there were little rivulets of sweat running down my neck and my face was damp all over. Grim. The reason for all this w…

Flickr Groups - Vintage Book Covers

I do love vintage book covers.
The titles, illustration and blurb are often amazingly misogynistic but then that's the era they're from.
I found all these in a Flickr Group called "Old Timey paperback Books".
Terrible name, but there you go.
I love using Flickr for research and inspiration. And their combining with 'Creative Commons' licensing means you can use many images for free, even in a commercial context.
Not all though.

Fuurin Matsuri - A Wind Chime Festival

I went to this on Saturday and had a lovely time pottering around. It was boiling hot and very humid so the occasional breeze was very welcome, even though the noise could be quite overwhelming after half a minute or so. I made this 10 second video to give you an idea of it.
The actual wind chimes, while numerous, did not take up much room.
Those hanging up were essentially samples, grouped by artist, and you wrote down the number of the one/s you wanted and took that number to another booth to pay and take receipt of yours, suitably boxed. You can buy basic ones with a mass produced print in the 100 Yen shop and in fact I have one with goldfish on and it is very nice, but these were artisan ones. While most were glass there were also quite a few metal ones and others decorated with bamboo. The variety of decoration techniques was fascinating. They varied in price from about 500 yen to more than 5000 (about £30).
You see the glass whales in the middle? A blue one came home with me as …