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Minehead, Just Minehead

I had a little promenade around the nearest town to my Mum today. It's never been quite the same for me since the fudge shop closed down, but it does still have steam trains.
And the arcades.
And tonnes of plastic beach stuff, such as we used to have all over my hometown when I was growing up.
Not to mention the beach itself.

I thought about getting some bits for my ickle niece, who I will be holidaying with next week by a beach, but then who knows what the well-dressed 15 month old is accessorising with this summer?

Then I saw a man sharing his ice cream cone with his dog.

Alternate licks.


It all seemed downhill after that so I went home.

My Little Niece

I last saw my niece in the flesh back in April when she was only just starting to crawl, and mainly going backwards.
Now she is on the verge of walking and the crawl is so high speed it is hilarious to watch.
She and my sister came over to my Mum's for the weekend and Mum has stone floors downstairs. Jasmine's little hands went 'slap slap slap' as she sped off across the floor, which I am sure is just what noise a running penguin would make were we to have one handy. She has added some new faces to her repertoire, of which I captured this one.
I also got her looking like a young Wonderwoman, with some help from me.
I got some great shots of her and my sister playing together too.
It was lovely to see them, and I'll be moving over to their house for a couple of weeks in just a few days. We have a few nights near St Austell booked so if it stops raining we are looking forward to paddling and making sand castles!

Is Cross Stitch Difficult?

This is something I was pondering yesterday when the Mater was waxing lyrical over my latest finished object.
To put this in context, Mumsy still praises me excessively when I manage to stand up without holding onto the furniture, a skill that keeps me one step ahead of my mini-niece (of whom more tomorrow). She is always very complimentary about the various things I make and assured me that she could never do cross stitch and there aren't many people who could do one like I had etc etc. I countered that cross stitch is easy because you get a grid of different colours and you transfer that grid onto gridded aida fabric and use the same stitch throughout - a simple cross which uses the holes provided. She wouldn't accept this though and so I started to ponder the various cross stitch projects I knew of. For example:
Anchor First Cross Stitch Kit for Beginners - uses 8 count aida which means 8 stitches per inch. With this stitch count you would use the whole of the embroidery th…

July Makes

A pretty productive month - aided by it being uncomfortably hot and humid outside.
Starting top left...

Woven coasters - these have been much in use. Pay It Forward giftsAbortively awful EPP snap frame purses, now dead to me. Tomato - least said the better. Spider mites. Bobble hat for JasmineBow cardigan for Jasmine in the same yarn as the hat, despite the picture making it look so different. July block for the I Love Lucy SwapSew Together Bag for FreddieMum's embroidery walletCurtain skirtWashi paper and uv resin catsPatchwork shoesSew Together bag for StaceyHome Sweet Home cross stitch for NicPatchwork house blocks for a swapStriped cardigan for Jasmine My WIP list from last month was: Quilt for Nickerjac - fabric bought and design decided. Just pre-washing it all at the moment before starting to cut. (Now cut and started sewing)Two more 'sew beautiful' bags being made as presents. (Done)Applecore patchwork part done for a manicure bag I'm making myself. (Still going)…