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Showing posts from September 7, 2014

A Present of Sashiko

I mentioned in Thursday's post that I had made another 'Sew Beautiful' bag using some sashiko embroidery. Sashiko is the japanese word for 'little stabs', not to be confused with 'chiku chiku' which is the onomatopoeic phrase for sewing - chiku is said to be the noise the needle makes when it goes in and out of the fabric to form one stitch. The japanese are very keen on onomatopoeia. When I had finished the fabric I intended to use for the outside I had a strong urge to leave it as it was and frame it or something.
I really like how it turned out. I didn't use any traditional patterns so the embroidery is a bit random. I used scraps of traditional japanese fabrics and used the embroidery to secure them to a felt backing.

The finished object...
This will be making its way to england in time for my step-dad's birthday.

How To Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety

Last week I ordered this zine from Etsy, and I am so glad I did.

The cats of Ebisu were woefully ill-informed. I held a number of emergency one-on-ones, and one one-on-two, but one of those was cleaning their foot the whole time so I don't think that counts.
Even Bruiser stopped hating everything generally for a moment to specifically focus his hate on this zine.
In his case I suspect he's now thinking about where he can find a gun. He is one big furball of angry.

There is another publication by the same people, called "How to talk to your cat about evolution", but I'm saving that for next term.

Around the World Bloghop

With my recent travel malarkey and corresponding jetlag-from-hell I got a bit behind on my emails and so thought I had been nominated for this, whereas I had left it too late to reply, but by then I had nominated someone and she in turn had nominated someone and so I was left a bit unsure about how to continue. bring everything up to speed I hereby nominate myself for this bloghop, and therefore inflict my answers on you unfairly. Only the brave will read on.

This bloghop, as I am sure you will all have read on other blogs by now, asks you to answer four questions. And so it begins...
(Babylon 5 joke there. Bit geeky. You can read about it here but basically don't worry about it.)
What am I working on?

It's probably quicker to say that I am not spinning anything, nor do I plan to. Other than that I am someone who has a little bit of everything going on all at once. I sometimes claim to have a short attention span but if I'm finding something interesting I will work o…