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September Makes

I've seen multiple blogs complaining that September was over before it really began, so I won;t bore you by saying that again. Thinking back I am not really sure what I have finished apart from that teapot. There must have been something else though...thank god Flickr can jog my memory. It would appear that I actually had quite a creative month.
From top left...

Fabric teapot from a kit. Bloghop bag accessory which I ended up throwing away.My sister's hatKanzashi flowers for a workshop coming in a week or two. The pottery bowls I actually made in July got their glaze and are so funny!Three more Lucy blocks made for my quilt. A one pocket Sew Beautiful bags for a present with sashiko ish embroidered outer fabric. Lucy block for a swapLucy block for a swapLobster pillowcase for the Pooch. August's cross stitch made into a book cover. The blank, which represents three projects with no photos! Those three are two skirts - one simple and one complicated - and another cross stitc…

Tokyo Spinning Group 2014 Show

This was on Monday and was the tenth annual event they have held. This is their website and they are on Facebook too. I went along with some of the others from the Tokyo Stitch n Bitch group (which has daytime and evening factions - I occasionally do both). I had no idea what to expect but it turned out to be a kind of smaller version of a UK Knitting Show, except with weaving as well. This is the view from the main room looking into three rows of exhibitors.
By Tokyo standards it wasn't crowded at all because you could easily move your elbows. There were some great things on show.
There were some practical demonstrations going on too, although I had missed the live sheep shearing the day before.
There was also the usual straying into needle felting that seems so common now. This lady had made her own horns and pet dragon that way (and was very happy to pose for my horribly blurry photo).
While this guy had had his horns made for him.
It did all feed my desire to get more into wea…

Whacking the Wadaiko

Wadaiko are tradional japanese drums and come in many shapes and sizes.
You get school bands that use them and they appear in every festival and parade. There are even arcade game versions.
Last night I had the chance to attend a lesson and concert from a group called Wadaiko Sai (the link is to their japanese website and includes videos of them playing). It was awesome! The group leader explained various things about the drums (most of which sadly passed me by as it was in japanese - who'd have thought?) before calling on volunteers to come and try playing them. I was with a complete mix of nationalities as this was a event and got noticeably British in my reticence to go on stage, contrasted with my bouncing about in my seat with excitement at it all. I eventually got volunteered by the guy on my right, who was a solar engineer from India, and went up in the third and final group. I was the last one to climb on stage and was presented with the mahoosive drum mounted o…

Material Discord

There has been a tragedy Chez Byrne. It has brung me low.
It is no doubt partly because I just posted about how I choose fabric, and said I had gained confidence doing so. Suffice to say that the outcome is the ripping of all blocks for a king size disappearing nine-patch quilt top which had been assembled into rows ready to just sew the rows together in order to finish it. But then, just as I was laying it out to pin the rows, it was like I saw something familiar from a new angle.
It was FUGLY! How could this have happened?


I urgently beckoned the Pooch, who, hearing the pure terror in my voice actually put down his laptop and came over. "Do you think this quilt is ok?" I asked, piteously. "Ummmm." said the Pooch. Now although he is not always a terribly intuitive man, and does not pick up on subtle signals unless they're being semaphored directly in front of his glasses, he clearly sensed that this was a delicate moment. "Hmmmm." he said. &quo…