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Showing posts from October 5, 2014

Latest Cat Interlude

My visits to Nyafe Melange in Ebisu now number 32. How do I know this? Because I am on my fourth loyalty card. It's Bruiser. I find him so endearing. For instance, could this really be the paw of evil?
Well, yes, it seems so. When I was a child I would have nuzzled the family cat's paw with my nose were it so presented. Were I to do this to Bruiser I have no doubt that I would lose not only my nose but a good chunk of cheek and possibly an eye. While I was there he urinated on a snuggling blanket and half-nelsoned a smaller cat to the ground. It's a small improvement on his deciding to mate with one of the munchkin cats right in front of me. But on this occasion he was under pressure. Three valley girls had come in and were trying to take selfies with the cats. As one cat circled as it got ready to sit down the girl shuffled in a circle around it, keeping her pout in place, waiting for the perfect angle. This was particularly funny with Bruiser as he makes a point of looki…

Multi Crafting

I have had a busy few days. Saturday was my first paid teaching gig - four ladies learning Sashiko (traditional japanese embroidery).
The next workshop is on Saturday when I will be teaching people how to knit. Then I got to grips with Noriko's quilt and washed, ironed, cut, sewed, ironed, cut, sewed and ironed until there were 48 of these.
So pale and delicate looking. While out shopping I came across some mini roses being sold and couldn't resist the matching paleness.
Then I moved on to a present for my niece. Do you know the song "Three Little Men in a Flying Saucer"? I didn't before she learnt it.
Three little men in a flying saucer
Went to the moon one day
They looked left and right
But they didn't like the sight
So one man flew away
Two little men ...etc She loves it so I thought I'd make a play version.
Feeling like a cheater, I have glued rather than sewn, although it does await some batting so I can make the whole thing into a kind of briefcase, foldi…