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Showing posts from October 26, 2014

October Makes

Lots and lots of making this month, but I can't show a few of the things since they are presents.
I think I blogged about everything except the jumper, top left, which is on its way to England. It is a jumper I said I would knit my my ickle brother at least two birthday's ago. I have high hopes of it arriving in time for this year, when I suspect he is going to be 22, although it could be 23.

I also have what I made for the 'Twas the Night' bloghop which is hopefully now in South Africa, a birthday present now in France, plus the failed Shibori, although I'm hoping to overdye those and still make them passable. In the meantime I suspect Pooch has managed to give me his cold at last, although it must have taken a full week to develop as he is back to 95% strength - enough to be going for a run this morning. I woke up with a stunning sore throat and head cold so today will be a sofa day and another good excuse for a Supernatural binge. I may even finish Season 6!

Everyday Cuteness in Japan

I think most crafters are familiar with the word 'kawaii' as a genre of cutesy japanese craft like amigurumi crochet and hello kitty. It is a japanese word that basically means "cute" and is used extensively by young women. Before I came here I used to pronounce it 'kai-why' but it should be pronounced 'ka-why-ee'. One of the things westerners notice as soon as they arrive is no matter the seriousness of the situation, there is always an opportunity to advertise or warn against it using a cute character.

Don't get caught in the train doors:
Watch out for trains when you are texting or drunk on a platform:
Stop! A police sign.

There are even more examples in everyday life. Labels:
Traffic cones:

But, despite being bombarded daily with cuteness (even the spam porn pop-ups I get when downloading things are kawaii manga style), I was still taken aback by the kawaii nature of the bag of salt I bought for dyeing with.
So cute! And only about 70…

The Edo Tokyo Open Air Architecture Museum

An architecture museum is, when you think about it, a really good idea. Especially if your country has a rich heritage of buildings that keep getting burnt down after earthquakes. But consider... the space needed, the logistics (do you move existing old houses or build copies of old ones), the complexity of having a site where each house is potentially its own mini museum. Regardless, the Japanese decided to go for it and built one and it is the Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum (english website). This is not to be confused with the Edo Tokyo Museum, which is kind of like the Museum of London in, er, London. This one is about an hour beyond the centre of Tokyo but getting there does involve getting on a bright pink gas powered miniature bus called Coco, which is quite fun.
I was heading there because of a promised demonstration by multiple traditional artisans but when I arrived there was a bonus flea market going on in the adjacent park.
Having picked up a vintage kimono (for m…

Giveaway Winner and Recent Makes

Fanfare! The winner of the Sew Together bag is Connie from Freemotion by the River. That giveaway was the first time I used the free Rafflecopter gadget and it worked really well - no affiliation, just a little plug for a free thing that worked well.

While that giveaway was ticking along I was busy working on these varied bits and bobs. First of all came the preparation for a bit of Shibori.
You know tie dye from the sixties and still going now? Shibori was the traditional craft it came from and you know by now my fascination with traditional japanese crafts. I am so lucky to have a library near by and the japanese libraries have craft sections to die for. (I couldn't bring myself to put "to dye for" even though I wanted to.) The shibori books in mine vary from 1930s manuals which are 99% text written on very thin paper to more modern glossy picture books - heaven! There is also of course a lot online. This site is especially useful. I have tried some Nui (stitch resist)…