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Yokohama Quilt Festival - Part 2

Yesterday's post got us through the majority of the full size quilts (although a few more to come) and left me at the start of the the "Small Quilt" section. I checked (yep, got out my tape measure and measured one hanging there) and these were all 50x50cm. No attribution with these ones I'm afraid as the smaller labels were all in Japanese.
There were probably about 150 all together so prepare for some highlights...
This one won a prize. Can you believe the detail?
As did this one:
Then there were the silver and gold rosette winners - the top two in the whole section.
And of course, where you have "small" quilts, a "miniature" category cannot be far behind. I got out that measuring tape again - 20x20cm. The theme was 'stars'. I'll just show a few - there are a lot more in the Flickr set.
This took me through to "The Tale of Genji in Quilts". I have since found this on Wikipedia and so this makes a bit more sense, but the key…

Yokohama Quilt Festival - Part 1

About an hour away from our flat is Yokohama, home to the largest Chinatown outside China, or so I am told. I have blogged about that before, but on this visit I was there for the 2014 Yokohama Quilt Show. 329 photos later...

It was a biggy, and the whole arena was dominated by these four huge quilts suspended from the high ceiling.
Quilts which, bizarrely, I don't seem to have a photo of from the front. Trust me - they were big and impressive. As you came in you were head on with a Kaffe Fassett exhibition with the rest of the exhibits to left and right and then the shopping area at the back behind all that - the same arrangement as at the NEC quilt show in the UK each year. As I walked in I heard a man's voice speaking english and who should it be but Kaffe himself giving an opening address.
I looked at his quilts but was straight away struck by two things.
1. No one else can afford to use this much Kaffe Fassett fabric.
2. These quilts are pretty insipid.
Compared to what m…