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Showing posts from November 23, 2014

Japanese Fauna

Over the Summer, the local birds either migrated or were not in need of additional supplies so I stopped putting food out. About a month ago the very screechy Brown Eared BulBuls returned from their summer fun and made their need for feed known in the loudest possible way. The daily bread and fruit resumed.
The Bulbuls always make me laugh because they often perch on the balcony outside and sit watching me, as if they are people'rs, in the same way that my Dad is a dedicated birder. I have tried them on various different foods but when it is orange, or a mikan/satsuma, the Japanese White Eyes come to visit. These are the beautiful green birds.
They are an even brighter and more iridescent shade of green in the spring. The little brown tree sparrows also visit and look so utterly adorable when they are all fluffed up.

Meanwhile, back at Chez Cat, the colder weather had meant a return to the heating and a number of the cats have been cuddling up together. This is Little Mum and Sonn…

A Few Finishes

Some little projects have been finished this week. First, a few xmas presents for my ickle niece. For her dressing up box...
Instant Rapunzel - as modelled by yours truly. Then a little superhero cape with elastic at the wrists and a velcro neck band.
A metre of satin type stuff in chartreuse green sewn double did for that one. Then for her toy collection, a drawstring bag for her plastic fruit and veg.
Then one of my tops sustained a teriyaki stain and needed another patch.
You can see the first bit at the bottom of the picture. And finally, I completed one of the two kits I bought at the Yokohama Quilt Show.
I sewed it all by hand and am very happy with it! I just don't know if I'll be able to bring myself to stick pins in it...

I also get to share a finish from a month or two ago.
This cross stitch was made for my cousin's birthday and she's sent me a photo of it hanging in situ, where it looks very comfortable! It comes from the same book as this one...
...which I …