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Finished Objects

I was pondering my decision on 'November Makes' not to post xmas presents I had finished in case people saw them. But I think that's unlikely and in any case only one of these has an obvious recipient and she never reads this. So...bring on the hat montage.
You might suspect I'd only made two and then photoshopped them, but no. I just figured there was no need to use five different patterns if I found just one or two that I liked. Both of these are free and the vertically ribbed one is an authentic WW2 Watchman's hat (Rav link) while the other is the Luuk hat (Rav link) which I really do like the look of. I may make myself one.

I also made another Sew Together Bag, this time for my sister Sian, mother of my beloved niece. I bought the blue dot linen especially since I know she'll like it.
A little blanket stitch in my favourite thread - variegated DMC cotton.
I've rather belated realised that I've not done the hole in the A but there we go - onward! She…

Stress Induced Creativity

Occasionally it strikes me that, were I to be imprisoned for some crime or other, not having access to craft materials would be one of the harshest penalties for me. That and chocolate. I know I must be finding all this moving stuff stressful because I find myself going a bit hyper on the craft. For instance, I spontaneously started designing and cutting out the felt for a Quiet Book a few evenings ago - and I never start new things in the evenings partly because I can't be arsed and partly because the light isn't good enough.

I had never heard about Quiet Books until Pinterest came along. Now it seems like the best ones come from Russia. I have no idea why. They are essentially books to keep children occupied by themselves. I have a Board on Pinterest about them and there are tonnes of other examples on there. Here are the pages I have so far for my 19 month old niece.
Let me admit straight away that I used hot glue for all of these pages. The stars are ones I picked up in Do…

November Makes

With all the ups and downs connected with whether we will stay, go, go somewhere else and so on, November just seemed to fly by while at the same time many of the individual days dragged by horribly. I don't feel like I really finished anything much but on closer inspection I find I have managed a fair few, including christmas presents. The latter will be delayed and included in December's round up to keep them hidden.
We have, going clockwise...

Pincushion from a Japanese kit I picked up at the Yokohama Quilt Festival. So cute!Another pin cushion made for a bloghop. Tutorial here. The quilt I made Noriko. So pale!The cross stitch I made for my lovely cuz. Adding in the christmas presents I am actually pretty surprised at all I did manage to make. 
December promises to be really weird and I have no idea how much time I'll have for jiggery makery. I know I'll be without a sewing machine from the 14th but knitting will continue so we will just have to wait and see what re…

Seoul Part 2

I only had time to see one Palace so I chose the Changdeokgung Palace where I started with a guided tour of the buildings before moving on to the ....Secret Garden. These buildings are rather impressive, although the ground around them always seems to be strangely bare. This is one of many ways they definitely differ from Japanese buildings.
The colour scheme for this Palace was repeated on all the buildings and was said to be partly to ward off insects that would eat the wood and partly for decoration. I felt it went above and beyond pest control.
The beautiful roof tiles were mostly grey except for the King's special building where they were a beautiful dark blue which apparently looks amazing when the sun shines on it.
Sadly it was very overcast when I visited. Not that that stopped me for getting my photo fix.
The Secret Garden was the private one of the King and Queen and only they and their invited guests could use it. Access was via guided tour only and there was a bull dog…

Seoul Part 1

I am back and almost not entirely caught up with what I've missed since I left on Wednesday. Who would have thought moving continent with no idea of where you'll be after 14th January would be so time consuming? My inbox resounds with the ping of those wanting to buy our secondhand rice cooker and take away our ironing board and meanwhile I still haven't managed to put SkipNorth on sale. So much to do...

It wasn't really the best time to go away but I had booked it some months ago and I may not be back in this part of the world for some years so I decided to head off. Seoul is quite similar to Tokyo in many ways but, to my eye, not as attractive.
It's also not as high rise, a lot smaller, plus it sits in a kind of valley with lots of impressive mountains in the distance.
On the attractiveness front, one can't really help thinking that it would have been nicer looking had they not been brutally invaded by the Japanese quite recently and invaded/burned/bombed to …