Sunday, 15 March 2015

Aligning Edges and Corners

Getting points to match in patchwork tends to be something that happens to other people rather than myself. Give me EPP type stuff and I am excellent, but machine piece some patchwork and it all goes Pete Tong.
 Red and Yellow Patchwork
I did read about a way of getting it right about a year ago but didn't re-read it before I got started. Had I done I would have realised you precut the squares, not just the strips, before ironing and sewing them.
Front of strip patchwork
Back of strip patchwork
Still, straighter than my usual efforts.

The reason for this strip sewing is that I am prototyping something to make for Etsy selling. I was hoping to get some regular income that way but as it turns out I've been sent the details of not one, but two jobs that sound ideal for me. I could yet end up working more or less full-time which will come as a bit of a shock after these 16 months of housewifery. My CV has been tweaked and hopefully I'll get something sorted out quite soon.


cucki said...

Beautiful xx

Farm Quilter said...

Strip sets would work well for this...if you are sewing multiple strips together, it really helps keep them straighter if you alternate which end you start with. If you start them all from the same end, you end up with a lovely curve by the time you get finished. It all has to do with the feed dogs pulling the bottom strip just a wee bit faster then the top fabric gets pulled through. I just stick a pin in the bottom end of the strip to mark where I am to start the strip.

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