Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Chinese New Year Parade!

This was my first ever chinese new year parade. I am sure there must have been one in Tokyo but I seem to have missed it. This one is quite epic - even Pooch came along.
Yellow and Blue Dragon
Yellow and red dragon
Lots of big dragons...and a few little ones.
Little Dragons
This float was shooting glitter everywhere. So pretty!
Southwest Airlines Float
Lots of small children dancing and twirling things.
Children with flags
And then there was a dragon overload.
Group of Dragons
Group of Dragons
Group of Dragons
The little kids watching squealed with delight as they came snapping at them. And special mention to the dragons up poles in the back of cars.
High Dragon
Pooch, who like a lot of hounds does not like crowds or loud noises, defied my expectations by liking the marching bands the most.
Marching Band
This one was about two hundred strong. There were also the alternative ones. These kids were playing buckets.
Bucket Marching Band
The kanji for this year's animal can be translated as a goat, ram or sheep. Being a dedicated knitter, I have to go with the sheep.
Three sheep

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