Monday, 20 April 2015

Hands2Help Update

Moving has sucked up all my time so I haven't much to blog about at the moment. However, having now got all my possessions in one place for the first time in 18 months I am reunited with all my fabric. This is what I will be using for my Hands2Help charity quilt.
Some fabrics for the hands2help quilt
At least, this is it minus two other matching cuts which got separated from these ones and are elsewhere and yet to be unpacked. I bought them from the Fat Quarter Shop at least 2 years ago - possibly 3 - and they seem perfect for this as they are all half yard cuts.

As for pattern, I plan to make use of the excellent Craftsy course "Playing with Curves" to make a drunkards path type quilt such as the one below, by Karen Ackva.
Drunkards Path for Astrid
Circles ahoy!


ThreeOldKeys said...

Oh, those fabrics will be fun to work with! Congrats on your move.

Jeanna said...

Those are lovely fabrics...can't wait to see them in your circle ahoy! :)

Tomomi McElwee said...

Very nice fabric choice!

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