Thursday, 23 April 2015

Sunprints and Massdrop

I got this lovely fat quarter bundle in the post yesterday!
Alison glass fat quarter bundle Sunprints
It is Alison Glass's Sun Prints - 17 FQs all together in a 'cool' colourway. I got it for $42 including tax and shipping (which was free in this case) so less than $2.50/£1.70 a FQ. Bargain! A few months ago another quilter posted about Massdrop and I signed up for their emails so see what kind of things they had available. What with all the upheaval of recent months, this is the first time I've had a chance to participate in a 'drop'.

What happens is that someone (anyone) puts forward a suggestion for something they'd like to buy. This then becomes a 'poll' that anyone can vote on. Voting doesn't commit you to buying, but it helps the site owners work out what would be of interest to their customers. They then go off and contact the manufacturer and ask them if they'd like to offer a special deal. The manufacturer offers a deal so there is a start price if one person buys, then some percentage less if, say, 20 people buy, then another discount if, say, 50 people buy and so on. You can see current votes here and current drops here. Although there are a tonne  of quilting things you also get lots of audio equipment, shaving apparatus, high end pens, geek chic and pretty much anything else people might desire.

I am not affiliated with Massdrop, except as a customer, but they do have one of those "invite your friends" links so if you want to have a look and see what's what then click here to register and if five of you do, and then buy something, I get something. Not sure what so don't feel obliged! But I have been very happy with their service and will definitely be joining in future drops.

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