Tuesday, 26 May 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different

I am not a cosplayer. Except for this one time a few months ago for a party...
Me in my Star Trek Costume
However, I am known as a stitcher. The Burning Man's French Quarter Collective has me involved in their sewing group and various discussions have seen me turn this...
Regency Coat Before
...into this.
Regency Coat After
I am not sure how much of the theme is being made public before time so suffice to say there is a Regency style to the clothing. I am busily finishing a tutorial on how to do it yourself including a no-sew option for those who prefer good ol'glue.

The original coat was $11 in a thrift shop plus about $6 for two packs of gold bias binding. I was wondering whether to do some more and sell them on Etsy but you never really know whether this stuff will sell. And how much should be charged? Being second hand the coat wasn't in A1 condition to start with - more like B2 - but it is definitely good enough for a couple of weeks in the desert. It gets very cold at night, so they tell me.

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