Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Blue and White EPP Quilt - an Update

Way back in March 2014 my parents came to visit us in Tokyo. During that visit my Mum and I went to a fabric shop and picked out some fabrics for this quilt:
Mum's Quilt Diagram
It took a while but I finally made the few hundred hexagons and thousand or so diamonds and yesterday I finished assembling them into this.
Blue and White EPP quilt
One of the most remarkable things about it (for me, at least) is that it has come out as the right size. I just need to add a border (I'm thinking broderie anglais white with a plain blue underneath) and hand quilt the bugger - so give me another year and it should be done!

I designed the quilt to have three sections which would blend into each other. The tonal variation was something I added in later. First of all there was the bottom part - all hexagons.
Blue and White EPP quilt
Then the hexagons became separators between diamond stars.
Blue and White EPP quilt
And then finally, in the top part, the diamond stars became separated by other diamonds.
Blue and White EPP quilt
I didn't use any cut of fabric larger than a fat quarter so it is very scrappy. Maybe one day I'll take the time to work out how many different prints it contains.

For the quilting I am planning to quilt just inside the stars, hexagons and separating diamonds in a running stitch possibly using pearl cotton - although I'm not 100% on that yet. I *have* to have a sofa project for when I am watching WWE or whatever mystery show has currently got me hooked so it's nice that this quilt, having kept me company for most of the last year, will be sticking with me for another few months yet while that gets done.

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Blue Moth said...

So classy. Love it, what a great idea!

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