Monday, 1 June 2015

Making and Changing

I finally finished my second Hands2Help quilt. My usual allergy to straight lines shows in the finish.
Flowery Patchwork Quilt
I made use of some of the flowery stitches on my sewing machine when adding the strips.
Patchwork Quilt Detail
I added them to cover the joins because I used the block method I had always known about in general terms but which was gone into in more detail in the Craftsy course.
Patchwork Quilt Blocks

The other patchwork I have been doing is some of the Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses blocks. I am in the second year of a Bee for this and during my two months as 'Queen Bee' and through my own stitching I am up to forty! (I've done an extra one since taking this photo).
Lucy Boston POTC blocks
The time has come to start the inbetween pieces that join them together. I've decided on kona white cotton just to keep it simple and I'll be using extra pieces of the red and whites I've and others have used as the squares between them.

I was due to give my ickle niece this height chart for her birthday, two weeks ago. Ahem.
Height Chart
There is just the miniature metal coat hanger to add to the top end. It gave me a chance to have a good rummage through my button collection.
Detail of Height Chart

I do adore chain stitch. It's very satisfying to do and the finished design stands out from the fabric beautifully. I used it for the red in the height chart and again on this t-shirt-in-progress.
Embroidered Buttons
My white fabric marker had run out so I used circles of freezer paper as templates. I ironed them in place and then embroidered around them. They just peel off afterwards.

The big change coming to my life is that I have a job! From Tuesday I will be a full-time Executive Assistant to the CEO of a tech company. The good news is that it is only 20 minutes walk from the flat but the bad news is that I will now have 40-50 hours less crafting time each week. The job came up on Wednesday this week and I'll start on Tuesday so it has all happened very quickly. I told my sister and she asked me whether I was getting any new clothes for work. I held up the button t-shirt above and she groaned. When it comes to fashion I am a great disappointment to her - to such an extent that she has started a Pinterest Board for me to refer to when I next go shopping!


cucki said...

So pretty xx

jan said...

I love your Flowery quilt! Also your POTC blocks are looking STUNNING!!!!! I LOVE all red and white!! Happy Stitching and good luck on your new job! xo

P. said...

Great job on the H2H quilt! Loving all those florals, and also your beautiful red and white blocks!

Jasmine said...

What a darling quilt. Love the sweet florals. And those red and white blocks are amazing.

Sarah Craig said...

I love your Happy Chemo quilt - the blend of all those florals is amazing! Thanks so much for participating in the Challenge this year!!t

Scrappy quilter said...

Lovely quilt for H2H.

em's scrapbag said...

Wanted to let you know your lovely quilt arrived safe and sound. Thank you for your generous donation.

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