Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Opposite of Body Dismorphia

As I was eating my breakfast this morning I perused the BBC News app, as is my wont, and read an interesting article on Body Dismorphic Disorder. I first read about it probably 10+ years ago in an edition of National Geographic and have occasionally pondered it since then because I think I have a version of it. Not because I think I'm ugly or unattractive (because actually I think I'm pretty feckin awesome and desirable) but because I constantly forget that I am not thin any more. I'm not saying I'm fat, but I'm overweight and a stone or two over where I'd ideally like to be. I'm a UK size 14 which is a US 10 and I look in a full length mirror everyday when I get dressed and I see all of me so it's not that I don't know what I look like. It's just that I keep forgetting and have a self-image of when I was about 22. So when I see myself in photos with legs more Oak than Willow, and chins more plural than single, I get a big shock.

Another National Geographic article - this one a mere 3+ years ago - remarked how our current historical era is in danger of being misrepresented in visual records because photographs are now so easy to take and delete that we instantly discard any that don't show us looking as beautiful and happy as possible. Will our future selves look back on the early 21st Century and think "Their economy was shot, they were fighting innumerable religious wars, their climate was burning up and yet they all look so darn perky. They must have been really stupid."? I thought of this once again when taking a selfie, having just been woken up from a nap by a kick to the face.
Luna kicking me in the face.
Darling Luna, having decided to nap not so much along side me as on top of me, was having a sleepy stretch when she raised me from my slumbers. I so enjoyed my week of evenings and weekend afternoons with her! Kicks and all. The point though is that when I initially took this photo, it was from a lower angle and there were chins present. Being a pro at this sort of thing I simply deleted that one and raised my phone somewhat. Problem solved.

Speaking of solving problems - our final piece of flatpack furniture, which had arrived with a broken piece, was completed yesterday by my fair and very attractive hands. I finally have somewhere to store my fabric and the small craft bits which have been piled on the floor under my sewing table since we moved in - happy day.

More reasons to be cheerful, were more to be needed, come from work where I was offered a permanent contract this week. I'd initially been on a one month trial and it has been going so well that my permanent one is at 30% more money than we originally discussed and I will have Options - something my stockmarket dabbling Dad tells me is a very good thing if the company ever goes public. The increase is partly because I am awesome (I did say early on in this post that I have a pretty high opinion of myself) and partly because I am now looking after the company's recruitment so I've suddenly got all these recruitment people wanting to connect with me on LinkedIn. I am continuing to enjoy working there, not least because on Friday they took us all to a theme park called Great America - all paid for including the queue jumping wristbands. There was a 'Snoopy Planet' area and...
Great America Theme Park
So exciting! I went on a wooden rollercoaster called Grizzly which was horrendous - I am not built for such excitement - and after that consoled myself with a go on the carousel.
Great America Theme Park
And who sits on a horse when there are fish-eating cats to be chosen? Awesome sauce!

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Deb said...

Hello Lovely Coz,
You ARE awesome and perfectly proportioned. Congratulations on the permanent contract - I knew they'd never let you go once they'd witnessed the glory of The Byrne. Much love, Dxx

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