Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Different Approach to Hexagons

I have always avoided Y seams (those angled seams you get such as when you join three hexagons together). At some point in the last month though I seem to have decided the time had come, and so I started cutting out fabric for a runner to go along the top of my chest of drawers.
Hexagon Template for Cutting Out
I started with the trusty free online Hexagon Calculator to work out how many I'd need of which size. Then I drew one and made a cardboard template. My template showed both the outer edge AND the line I was going to sew along. I know you can buy things like this but making your own means it's available to you the instant you want it. Having cut out my hexagons and drawn the sewing lines on the wrong side, I was ready to go!
Hexagon Topper Assembly
It was slow work but I've finished the assembly and am now ready to move on to making the sandwich and quilting it!

Last weekend I was once again cat sitting and Luna was on fine form.
Luna the Cat
Pooch had given me some Godiva chocolates for my birthday and Luna adored the ribbon from the box. Once she'd done with playing we both had a lie down on the sofa.
Luna the Cat on my Lap
This was on my birthday, before Pooch and I went out for dinner, and it really was a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Having a zizz with a cat similarly sleeping on top of you on a lazy afternoon with some nonsense on the telly is really my idea of perfection. I *so* want a cat of my own!

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