Sunday, 22 March 2015

Making a Costume

I was invited to a "Leprekhaaaaan!" party and my first thought was "Yippeee! Star Trek!".
I am a real Trekkie. I love the films and the TV series up to and including Deep Space Nine. Voyager and Enterprise I am pretty "meh" about and although I love the reboots (hello Benedict) the true Khan for me is still Ricardo Montalban. With this in mind I decided to make myself a uniform that would look at home on DS9 or earlier. Where else to look for inspiration but Pinterest? This pin seemed to fit the bill.
Pinterest screen catch
I got two men's t-shirts from Thrift Town - a 2XL Black one and a XL red one. Next, making the pattern...
Making a pattern from a tshirt
I was able to keep the collar of the black t-shirt but the rest all needed recutting, including the sleeves. Some sewing, a bit of fitting and a back combed beehive later and...
Me in my Star Trek Costume
My badge was made out of felt.
Star Trek Costume Beehive
I am so happy with how it turned out! And the party, which took place last night, was a great success!

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