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A Lot of English Paper Piecing and a New Home!

I am back from the UK and have gone straight into the process of moving into our permanent rental. I'll share a few pictures but first, here is one of the projects I took with me to sew while I was away.
It is in three pieces at the moment and it is the top right piece I am currently working on, working vertical strips and joining them to grow it from right to left. This is the quilt I am making for my Mum and she chose a lot of the fabrics, which were all fat eighths at most in size. The pieces have 3" sides and I made all the pieces while I was in Tokyo last year. This is my design... I'm getting there gradually.

My EPP "Feels Like Spring" swap also got underway while I was away so I have made these since getting back using 1" hexagons.
The pouch is going to be a very simple zip up one but I hope my Partner likes it!

Our new flat is only 20 minutes walk from our current one so we popped over there yesterday to put our 13 (!) signatures on the lease.…

SkipNorth 2015

For the 11th year running we were in Haworth, Yorkshire, for the annual spinning and knitting holiday. I had a wonderful time and met several new people as well as catching up with old friends. Here is a taste of what went on.
I found it really hard to resist Wingham's weaving looms and can see one joining me at home before another year is out. 
If you are interested in coming along another time then simply join the SkipNorth Group on Ravelry.

Nice Niece

I have been back in England this week - for the SkipNorth knitting holiday and for some niece action. And we have been very active. She started off wearing one of the three 'My Aunt Rocks' top I got her (in 2Y, 3Y and 4Y sizes).
Then she helped me brush my hair.
This was quickly followed by her 'helping' her Mum brush her hair, and hitting her on the head with the flat wooden side of my hairbrush. (Fnah fnah). There has been lots of shuffling around in my shoes.
This isn't something she'd done before but she was even more excited when a pair of silver ballet flats arrived yesterday and has been 'wearing' those a lot. All that activity tired her out, so she snuggled up with Mum.
Then this morning she insisted we go out while Mummy was having a lie in, and we found a (non-muddy) puddle!
That is a reference to her beloved Peppa Pig who jumps in muddy puddles. It is also who is on her top. While we were out a lady gave us three red balloons!
I was amazed th…