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Showing posts from April 26, 2015

More Oakland, More Cats

I was early for my cat appointment this week so I took a tootle around Oakland. Actually I was looking for a cash machine, but en route I found a huuuuuge lake.  There weren't any ducks visible but there were geese flying about and also the usual urban birds. A blackbird had found a chunk of bread and was about to fly off with it when something slightly bigger - possibly a Thrush? - strong-armed it away from him. To add insult to injury, the Thrush didn't even fly off but just sat there munching on it.  The poor blackbird was left hanging about waiting for a chance to get it back. Can you see him on the left? I felt so sorry for him!
Next to the lake was the Cathedral of Light. It looked fairly impressive from outside - quite like Liverpool Cathedral.  Artistic close-up.  There was a service going on or I would have explored inside too. 
As often seems to happen, a block or two away from the money buildings, you get the run down houses and homeless living on the street.  This …

I Don't Actually Know What I'm Doing

When I graduated the most hated thing said to me was along the lines of "Oh, but you can do anything. You could get any job. You've got all your options open!" I didn't want lots of options - I wanted a clear indication of what I should do next whether this be some internal instinct, an actual hand on my elbow guiding me towards an actual building, or something in between. I now find myself in the same god awful place, with the exception of graduate training schemes, for which I am now somewhat age'd.
I've transitioned from left to right. 
I need to be able to go back to the UK 3-4 times a year so that's 8+ weeks of holiday I need straight off. All my experience is in England so I'm unfamiliar with any US working practices. I've just had 18 months off. My main field, project management, has different qualifications over here. I kind of feel like a 3-pin bird in a 2-pin world.
In fact I kept finding myself humming Jake-the-peg yesterday which won…