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How to Dissect a Shirt to Reuse the Fabric

I have been planning a quilt using blue shirt fabric from thrifted men's shirts. I love the softness of the often well-worn 100% cotton shirts. I have also seen them used in memorial quilts - made from the clothes of a loved one who has passed away.

Since I have been doing this with a series of shirts I thought I'd write a tutorial on the dissection process.

First, a word on choosing your shirts. I am lucky because San Francisco has a number of cheap thrift stores so shirts can be easily had for $2-3, sometimes just 99 cents! My favourite thrift shop - Thrift Town - even has sales and daily discounts as well as a loyalty scheme! When faced with a selection of shirts...

Make a beeline for the end of the display that has the long sleeved shirts in the largest sizes - a 3X shirt is going to give you more fabric than a XS.  Once you find a shirt you like the look of pull it clear of the rack and check the label to see what it is made of. You might be fine with a cotton/poly mix but…

My First Maker Faire

My first (but definitely not my last) Maker Faire took place last weekend in San Mateo - about half an hour's ride on the double-decker Caltrain south of San Francisco.
I don't think any of my photos do justice to the scale of the event - it was epic, covering several football fields, with huge indoor arenas like aircraft sheds and thousands of people of all ages darting hither and thither. I had volunteered for a five hour shift in the middle of the day (which I spent in the Media Lounge answering important media enquiries like "Where are the toilets?") but for the rest of the time I was out there talking to Makers. The full 59 photos can be seen on Flickr here so these are just the edited highlights.

There was an excellent mix of big name and kitchen table set-ups exhibiting and interacting with people. Google had a big presence and either they or Intel had things like this set up.
It's a robotic version of that pub trick where you stab a knife quickly in the s…