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Showing posts from June 7, 2015

Cat Sitting

This week I have been leaving work and getting a cab straight to an area of SF called Potrero Hills. A friend lives there and I have been looking after her cat while she's been away. This is Luna.
Isn't she sweet? She was a rescue cat and has got a number of scars on her face around her nose and eyebrows where the fur doesn't grow anymore - poor little thing. However, she is now living the life of riley with hot and cold running cat food and everything else taken care of.
When I arrive she is either on the bed or on the back of the sofa so we have a good stroking session before I get a drink and refresh her water and food.

However, once she's had enough strokes we start to play. I took some EPP to the house to do in the evenings and Luna loves the white thread against the dark brown sofa.
It has basically put an end to my sewing since I am worried she will put her paw on the needle!

Having access to a cat for a whole week is such a treat!

Amazing Swaps!

I do love a good swap. You have to be prepared to take a punt that the person you are receiving from will put in as much effort as you do. With these two swaps I know they both put in that little bit extra - such amazing packages!

The first was a swap I ran myself for the English Paper Patchwork swap group on Flickr. Liza blew me away with her amazing parcel - not only an EPP pouch but a paper pieced one too!
Plus the extras - am I not extremely lucky?! The duck is a tape measure - so adorable and much harder to lose than the usual flat ones.

The second was from Cynde and was only supposed to be for a thread catcher. Look what she sent!
A full set of sewing accessories and a marking pen and a cotton+steel charm pack - how generous is that?!

Didn't I tell you I got properly spoilt on both parcels!?