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Stitch Fix - Nothing To Do With Fixing Your Stitching

Having recently started a new job (which is going really well btw although I am starting to use a lot more text speak from using three different messaging systems with various groups of staff) I quickly realised my personal style had somewhat lost its way.  The closest I've come to describing my style is to mutter "something of the Sue Pollard" and leave it at that. After 18 months of housewifery in three different countries my 'work' wardrobe was straggly, to say the least, and I do not enjoy shopping for clothes in shops so I  found myself googling "online personal stylist". An thus, my relationship with Stitch Fix began.
The name, naturally, caught my attention, as I thought perhaps my search history and google had colluded and concluded that there was no point showing me stylists and was taking me to some new sewing product instead. But no. It is an online personal stylist who looks at the information you provide (their questions plus optional links…