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Showing posts from June 21, 2015

My First SF Quilters Guild Meeting

When I first arrived in San Francisco I made it to two different knitting groups in one week, and then never returned to either. The people at both were very nice, it's just that I'm really not knitting much in this climate. It seems a bit too warm for it. At the same time I did discover that there was a SF Quilters Guild that met in Richmond (in the north west of the SF main area) once a month and I determined to go. Last week was the first meeting I'd been able to attend.

The Guild have monthly meetings with a general section and then a speaker and then also a day the following Saturday where they either do a community project or have a teacher come in. My luck was in when the speaker at this meeting was Susan Else, someone I had not heard of before but am now very happy to have come into contact with. I would definitely encourage you to go and look at the gallery on her website as her work is very impressive and she had brought some along to show us.
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The Opposite of Body Dismorphia

As I was eating my breakfast this morning I perused the BBC News app, as is my wont, and read an interesting article on Body Dismorphic Disorder. I first read about it probably 10+ years ago in an edition of National Geographic and have occasionally pondered it since then because I think I have a version of it. Not because I think I'm ugly or unattractive (because actually I think I'm pretty feckin awesome and desirable) but because I constantly forget that I am not thin any more. I'm not saying I'm fat, but I'm overweight and a stone or two over where I'd ideally like to be. I'm a UK size 14 which is a US 10 and I look in a full length mirror everyday when I get dressed and I see all of me so it's not that I don't know what I look like. It's just that I keep forgetting and have a self-image of when I was about 22. So when I see myself in photos with legs more Oak than Willow, and chins more plural than single, I get a big shock.

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