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The Word for Feeling Like You Should Be Doing Something But Not Knowing What It Is You Should Be Doing

I made this very quickly on a whim a few months ago.
I really did feel like I was on the verge of something. And then I had some flim flam with my work visa and I was going to have a few months off and have some time to develop some sort of side project. And now the time is here. And I'm stuck.
I should be doing something like this:
 And instead I'm sitting around like:
I've got an idea, but there's something holding me back. Fear of failure? Fear of taking up my spare time? Fear of work?

I googled it and there is a german word - "torschlusspanik" - which means "Life is passing you by. The deadline’s approaching. The train’s a-comin’. Literally translated from German, torschlusspanik means “gate-closing panic,”." which is from this article, which is actually very interesting.

Craftcation a few weeks ago was really powerful in putting me alongside a bunch of women (mostly women) who had conquered their fears of going for it. Lela Barker gave the closi…