Thursday, 16 June 2005

How wonderful are knitters?

To my astonishment no one has come a beat me up about being so rubbish at pledges. And...being knitters...they are far more interested in what I got from coldspinr - which I will duly display the moment it arrives. Not wanting to leave my audience disappointed though I do have some goodies to display.

This yarn is from this ebay seller People - go look at their stuff. The yarn I got today is soooo soft and still has that faintly sheepy smell that tells you this is the good stuff. Aran weight and propoer oatmeal coloured. Going to knit a jumper for dad2 aka Rob. Image hosted by

I have started work on some of the sock yarn I got from the yarn house and I'm loving the colours. I've taken these pics with my webcam so the quality is r.u.b.b.i.s.h. so they are much brighter than this. I counted this morning - I need to make at least 8 pairs of socks for xmas presents! Image hosted by The yellow hump is the heel which is done by short row shaping, because I am sane and knit my socks on TWO needles rather than those sadomasacists who use 4/5. Been there, hated that, stabbed a passer by etc etc.

Lastly, a gamble. Bamboo needles on ebay. Ludicrously cheap - about a fiver for 7 pairs in a case. But they seem smooth enough so I'll give them a try. I'm really coming over to wooden needles now, as long as they have long points. Image hosted by

Purlpower sked how long i'd been on fluoxetine for (prozac to the non-sufferers). It's 18 months now and counting. Started on 20mg, went up to 30, went into hospital last March (as suicidal as one can be without being dead) and quickly got put on 40 and tried to come down to 38mg about a month ago (on consultant's advice) and reacted badly. Been back at work full time since last August. (Also managed to get peritonitus or something like that - kidney infection - in June so more hospital!) Apart from disrupting my sleep (wakes me up really early) fluox doesn't do me any harm so I'm fairly resigned to just popping it for the next year or so. I've been on some humdingers in the past though that I had all sorts or side effects to. I was even on Seroxat for a couple of months about 6 years ago. I'm a seasoned pill popper.

On a happier note, I am happy today even though I've had another crisis pop up at work. What the hell eh? It was all the knitting at the group last night that did it. The Golders Green bunch rock. I was shown how to do invisible seams and so have sewn up my red cable top. Just need to add hooks to the neck band and will be modelling it for real. Stand by to be wowed ;)


Daisy said...

I got some bamboo needles from Ebay a couple of months back and they've been fabulous. I got 6 pairs for something silly like £7.
Hope you like yours!

Ruth Paisley said...

I'm so crap with this blog business - I have one lurking somewhere, incomplete... and of course I'm always an eon out of date.

Still, just wanted to say if the pills work, keep at it. I had my hospital crisis last november, am on 75mg a day of Venlafaxine and actually reckon that ain't enough for now... so keep at it! (knitting of course goes without saying)

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