Saturday, 13 August 2005

Quick spin update

Pooch, poor tired thing, went to bed at 8.30 but I stayed up til midnight and carried on spinning. This one is done but needs the twist setting.
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This one I really love and want to make the pinky hat on knitty with it.
Image hosted by
Recognise those sequins purlpower?!They are perfect for this.

So the more retentive of those among you will notice that if I was spinning at midnight, and it's now 7.15 am, that suggests not a lot of sleeping. And you'd be right. 5.58 am I was wide awake. What a bugger. Feel *exhausted* but can't go back to sleep. Oh, isn't life just so hard!


Anna Sorrentino said...

OMG, the red yarn is so yummy! Will you be making the hat in one or two colours (as the original pattern)?

How easy are you finding all this spinning business?


Jennifer said...

Wow! That yarn is fantastic! Have you been spinning long?

scarletprincess said...

well all I can say is WOW! I shall hopefully be learning to spin tomorrow so lets just see how i get on in my first attempt!

Becky said...

Ahem - small cough - I think I recognise those sequins - they look gorgeous where you have used them !

Jess said...

wow! Lixie, those skeins are such fun...


Jess (scarfomatic)

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